It's with immense pride that I witness the remarkable growth and achievements of our students, who've honed their fast mental math skills through our programs over the past 27 years. We've nurtured a community of school students, equipping them to excel in Mental Math.
My journey started with a vision: empowering students to unlock their mental potential. Today, I'm in awe of their triumphs in international championships and world records, a testament to their hard work and our training.
As founder, I've seen countless students transform, from beginners to aspiring champions. Our impact extends beyond students to successful products and coaching the Indian Mental Math team.
I'm grateful to our students, parents, and team for their trust and dedication. Let's embrace mental math's potential to transform challenges into opportunities.
Thank you for choosing us as your training partner. Together, let's inspire the world with our achievements.
Welcome to Genius Kid - Unlock Your Mental Superpowers!

Fast Mental Calculation Skills, Brain Health Development, and Championship Training

Welcome to Genius Kid, the ultimate educational product designed to unlock your child's mental superpowers. Our program is dedicated to fostering fast mental calculation skills, promoting brain health development, and training students for international online and offline championships. With an impressive track record of winning numerous championships and creating world records, Genius Kid is a proven platform for excellence. Let's dive into the exciting world of Genius Kid and discover how it can transform young minds.


Awards & Achievements


Youngest Contestants, 2016

Jinansh Vimesh Dedhia and Siddhi Mukesh Jain were the youngest contestants at the Turkey Open Championship & Zappos Memoriad Las Vegas Games, 2016.


Won the Bronze Medal

Maitri Jogen Maniar won the bronze medal at Mental Calculation Won Cup 2014.


Won Highest Number of Medals

Gunishka Mukesh Jain won 6 medals at the Zappos Memoriad Las Vegas Games, 2016.


Won 33 Medals

Genius Kid India won 33 medals at the Memoriad Olympics in 2012


Winning the Silver Medal

Maitri Madhav Bhanushali became the second best contestant at the Zappos Memoriad Las Vegas Games 2016 under Square Root (6d) winning the Silver medal at a tender age of 11.


Won Championship, 2013

Japan Cup and Turkey Open Championship 2013 were also won by the Genius Kid team.

Won the Bronze Medal

Yash Kamal Kumar won the Bronze Medal for Square Root (6d) at the Turkey Open Championship, 2016


Mrs. Shweta Maheshwari

Need of the hour for all the students

From the very first day, it was clear that your academy is not just a place for learning math but a nurturing environment that fosters a deep love for mathematics. The dedication and passion exhibited by your instructors are truly commendable. They not only possess a profound understanding of the subject but also have a unique ability to make complex concepts easily comprehensible for young minds. Kuddos guys!

Raghav Kumar

The missing piece to Indian Education system

The curriculum at your academy is structured in a way that progressively challenges students while ensuring they grasp the fundamentals. It's evident that great care and thought have gone into designing the course materials, which are engaging, interactive, and tailored to each student's needs. My child has not only improved their mental math skills but has also developed a newfound enthusiasm for mathematics. I just can't thank you enough.

Ms. Rajeshwari

A must try by all the parents out there.

One aspect that truly sets your academy apart is the emphasis on mental math techniques. My child's ability to perform calculations mentally and quickly has improved dramatically. It's astonishing to witness how confidently they can tackle math problems without relying on calculators or pen and paper. This newfound skill has not only been beneficial academically but also in everyday life.


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